1s & 2s Teachers

We believe that our teachers must be experts in preschool care. Therefore, we are dedicated to continuous training and growth. The mission for our students is to inspire them to become life long learners. Consequently, each of our educators also makes this commitment.

Miss Deanna

12-18 months Teacher

Deanna Busby has her CDA, and has been in childcare for over 11 years.  8 of those years have been at Stepping Stone!  She loves teaching 12-18 month olds because they are just starting to explore and absorb so much.

Miss Sandra

18-23 months Teacher

Sandra Copeland has her CDA and has been working in daycare for 34 years.  She spent her first 18 years teaching Pre-K , and has a passion for helping her children learn.

Miss Alisha

Teacher Assistant

Alisha Keller has 3 years of childcare experience, and is in the process of getting her CDA.  She has been with Stepping Stone for 1 1/2 years, and has her own little one as a student here as well!  Alisha has a passion for art and loves building relationships with each individual in her class.