3s & 4s Teachers

We believe that our teachers must be experts in preschool care. Therefore, we are dedicated to continuous training and growth. The mission for our students is to inspire them to become life long learners. Consequently, each of our educators also makes this commitment.

Miss Attiya

3s & 4s Teacher

Attiya Raza has been at Stepping Stone for almost 23 years.  She has a bachelor's in English Literature and Political Science, and is Montessori certified.  Attiya has 3 children of her own (now grown) and loves working with kids.

Miss Marrion

3s & 4s Teacher

Marrion Wade has been teaching for 30 plus years, majoring in Elementary Education, and minoring in Art.  She loves working with children and seeing the joy on their faces.  She feels God has blessed her to have some of the most awesome angels in her class!