Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements?

Stepping Stone believes that our society and community are strengthened through a recognition and affirmation of human differences.  

We seek to recognize, appreciate and respect the uniqueness of each child and will not exclude any child from the full benefits of our program or activities on the basis of race, color, sex, religious belief or national origin.  

What is the enrollment process like? How do I apply?

Enrollment Procedures:

Call or visit the school office for information and to schedule a tour.

Complete and return the application packet found in Parent Resources

Immunization records must be on file and up-to-date.

Submit other requested information.

Transcripts and records from preceding school must be obtained.

Personal interview with the director of admissions will be scheduled when spaces are available.

What are your student to teacher ratios?

Ratios vary according to the age of the students, and are in accordance with Texas state requirements, as well as Texas Rising Star recommendations.

Do you accept CCS or financial aid?

We accept CCS, however we do not offer financial aid at this time.

Do you potty train?

Absolutely: our teachers work with parents to ensure that training is consistent at home and at school to help your little one be successful using the potty.

Are you a Texas Rising Star Provider?

Yes!  We are very proud to be a TRS provider.

Will you be adding any schools to the after care pick-up list?

We are always adding new pick-up locations when the need arises.  Call us today to find out if we are able to accommodate your school!

What health and safety measures do you take at the school?

Stepping Stone has been awarded three safety-first awards and is committed to sustaining a healthful and secure school.  The school requires:

*Gloves to be worn during diaper changes

*Changing Stations to be disinfected and fresh changing paper replaced for each diaper change

*Soiled diapers are placed in an elite diaper Genie and removed from the building twice daily

*Use of nontoxic sanitizing solution

*Use of anti-microbial and non-irritating cleaning solutions for toys and surface cleaning

*Mouthed toys sanitized daily or as needed

*Vacuuming of buildings daily at the close of business

*Pesticide spraying of facility monthly inside and outside

*Negative tuberculosis test results verification from all staff and teachers

*Security access entrance

*Computer check in and out

*Background, FBI-fingerprint and criminal history checks on all employees

*Teachers wear scrubs or Company Shirts & ID badges with a class lists at all times

*CPR and first aid for all staff and teachers

* Shade on all 4 playgrounds and sandbox areas

*Age appropriate playgrounds and fencing

*Crisis Plan/including emergency evacuation plans, tornado drills,

*Chemical release practiced and fire drills practiced monthly

*Parents notified by Remind 101 in case of emergency